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Admissions for the session 2020-21 will be strictly in accordance with PMC regulations and any changes in the PMC regulations as conveyed through the PMC shall be adhered to.

Admissions in RMC & RCD for session 2020-21 will be initiated through a national entry test known as MDCAT. All candidates desirous of admission in RMC & RCD may apply through the PMC portal while indicating their college preference.

This portal will be regularly updated to provide candidates the latest information regarding the admissions process.


30 %
FSc or Equivalent

FSc (Pre-Medical) / HSSC OR A-Levels / EQUIVALENT

50 %

SAT-II is applicable for foreign/overseas applicants only.

20 %

psychometric assessment & interview


The psychometric assessment & interview consist of following phases which will happen on the same day.

Scrutiny of relevant documents:

Candidates will be required to produce the following documents as per the prospectus:

Psychometric Assessment & Interview:

Candidates will be interviewed in the domain of soft skills through Multiple Mini Interviews (interactive and static stations) and / or panel interview in the following:

Admissions TIMELINE

MDCAT announcement was made by PMC on 22 October, 2020

Registration deadline is 6th November, 2020

MDCAT Scores are usually announced within 1 or 2 days of the entrance test

PMC will announce admissions process after MDCAT scores are made public

RMC & RCD will beging the process of interviews on the 15th of January, 2021

The college shall prepare a merit list by a weightage formula as provided above.

Note: This is not an admission announcement . This portal only provides updates & guidance to students applying for MBBS & BDS programs at RMI.

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The Psychometric Assessment & Interview phase consists of following phases which will happen on the same day.

Scrutiny of relevant documents:

  • Academic credentials (as per prospectus)
  • Financial documents (as per prospectus)

Candidates will be interviewed in the domain of soft skills through Multiple Mini Interviews (interactive and static stations) and /or panel interview in the following:

  • Critical thinking and problem solving
  • Communication and language proficiency skills
  • Ethics/morality/punctuality/empathy and culture sensitivity
  • Institution knowledge understanding and social responsibilities
  • Knowledge of loco-regional health systems
  • Psychological/Psychometric analysis

The merit list will be prepared using a weightage formula as under:

  • MDCAT / SAT II: 50%
  • FSc (Pre Medical) / HSSC / Equivalent:  30%
  • Psychometric Assessment & Interview: 20%
  • In case final merit of more than one candidate is equal up to four decimals, the candidate older age shall stand higher in merit.

  • The concerned college shall ensure display of merit lists prepared in accordance with these policies on its own website and notice boards.

  • The admission to MBBS and BDS course in a medical and dental institution shall be made strictly based on merit as per criteria given above.

After the display of final merit list by the college if there are any vacant seats next student on merit in the waiting list shall be offered admission against such vacant seats.

The admission shall be considered as cancelled for the following reasons:

  • If it is found that candidate is not entitled for admission according to the College admission policy, at any stage of MBBS/BDS course.
  • If found medical unfit
  • If any document/ information provided by candidate provoked false/fake of fabricated at any stage of MBBS/BDS course
  • If the candidate fails to report for admission and deposit the fee by the due date.
  • If it is found that candidate was not entitled for admission in preference to the other candidate at any stage of MBBS/BDS course
  • If failed to share documents supporting financial standing as required by the committee i.e. a wealth statement of either parent/guardian, showing funds equivalent to five years of tuition fee of either parent/guardian, bank statement or any other relevant document.
  • Student of merged districts will be required to provide Tax Exemption Certificate from Commissioner Income Tax & proof of income & Wealth statement duly signed by the respective Revenue Authorities.
Deadline: March 20, 2023



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