Provisional Merit List for MBBS Admissions
(Session 2023-24) - Foreign Candidates

Uploaded on: January 5, 2024

Important Notes:

  1. This list is based on data entered by applicants and is subject to corrections/modifications/revisions in case of any bonafide error, omission, lapse, mistake, fraud or misrepresentation that occurs or is brought to the notice of the College authorities within the due date and time.
  2. Name appearing in the Merit list shall not confer any right on the candidate if he/she is otherwise found ineligible on detection of any error/mistake/fraud, misrepresentation at any stage of the admissions.
  3. Upon instructions of the regulatory authorities, this list has been shared with the Khyber Medical University for joint merit list. KMU will included other candidates who have applied to RMC on KMU admission portal. This shall lead to certain variation in the merit position of candidates.
  4. KMU shall upload the merged merit list and upload on its website in due course. Candidates are advised to keep on checking KMU website for updates and further instructions.
  5. If the KMU asks for preference of the college, please mark RMC as the 1st choice if you are interested in admission at RMC.

RMC - Merit List 2023-24 - Foreign

S. No Applcation No Student Name Father Name SSC Obt SSC Total SSC Board HSSC Obt HSSC Total HSSC  Year MDCAT Marks Aggregate MDCAT University
1 0020072027 Syed Nihal Shah Syed Asghar Shah 983 1100 IBCC 869 869 2023 115 69.2864 SZABMU
2 0020071353 Aleena Noor Raziq Noor Raziq             1380 0 SAT
3 0020070741 Asma Habib Habib Ur Rehman 675 900 IBCC 990 1100 2022 133 0 KMU
4 0020069791 Manahil Hussain Khwaja Abid Hussain 1012 1100 Peshawar 936 1100 2023 111 0 KMU
5 0020069097 Zehaad Rehman Sabir Rehman 847 1100 IBCC 756 1100 2023 116 0 KMU
6 0020069994 Bushra Tawiz Gul Tawiz Gul 759 1100 IBCC       80 0 KMU